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Writer Fran’s Style:

My passion for science fiction, fantasy and adventure is tainted by a need for it to be at least, somewhat believable. The reasons for such, likely my engineering background. I suspect others also find happenstance an overused tool/excuse to break and/or ignore the rules of physics and logic. Good science fiction and fantasy does not have to be implausible, just well written.

Great, you’re still reading. To get a feel for my Young Adult writing style, read the free prologue and chapters for, Where Others Never Played.

As for my Adult Fantasy style, read the free chapters from, The Annals of Karrac vol I. In addition to Karrac’s plots and subplots, I suspect you will find my Sorceress -Excellus Clarisena- quite interesting. She is not about throwing lightning bolts; but rather, instilling respect from all. Clarisena accords such, more with her superior intellect and cunning, than her mastery of the Black Arts.

Almost forgot, I was born and raised in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, NYC. My youth, young adult years, Circa I950 -1960s BC: Before Computers. OK, more accurately, before PCs, the Internet, Video Games and Cell Phones changed everything.

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